A complete Italian course

and have fun

Trying and trying again
Laughing together at the mistakes

A complete Italian course

learn and have fun together!

but also playing sports:

canoeing on Lake Mergozzo

cycling along the Ticino

walking in the mountains
on the most beautiful trails
in the Lepontine Alps

Advantages of an Italian homestay language course

The benefits of an Italian home stay language course derive from everyday situation: formal lectures, conversations, daily situations. In day to day life the only means of communication is Italian, except in cases of necessity. In a normal school primarily takes places in scheduled lesson time, whereas being part of the daily routine in our home involves listening, practicing and learning throughout the day, by me language improvement.
However, a homestay is also much more: it is a very human experience, an opportunity for sharing and discussion.

The ingredients for a successful home stay are curiosity, fun, a willingness to get involved, human warmth, a confortable environment, excellent cuisine, and, of course, a skilled teacher.

This is what I offer my students:

  • Curiosity:
    because every person is "unique"
  • Fun
    because life must be fun and we learn more when we are having a good time
  • An open minded spirit
    because nothing can be achieved by sticking closely to a rigid formula, every day must be fresh
  • Human warmth:
    because this is essential when learning
  • ●Acomfortable environment:
    to feel relaxed and on holiday
  • Excellent cuisine:
    this is fundamental, because everything becomes easier when sitting around a table
  • Good teacher:
    You decide!