Italian cooking:

not only food,
but also culture
and tradition
is found in various regional recipes


Let's prepare it
to family recipes

Food: A challenge
and the theme
EXPO 2015

The house is spacious, well looked after, and surrounded by a large garden. It is in the country, just six kilometers from the centre of Pavia, to which it is connected by a good bus network (the stop is around 200 m from the house).

The city can also be reached by taking a wonderful pedestrian and bicycle track crossing the Vernavola Park.

If, on the other hand, you are not particularly sporty and don't like taking public transport,I cantake you there by car. We live in the countryside, but not more than a tenminute walk from many services: post office, bank, pharmacy, bar, church, and shops.

In every room you have:

  • large bathroom
  • television
  • coffee machine
  • air conditioning
  • Wi-Fi

In the summer you can relax in the garden or on one of the covered terraces, where we usually dine by candlelight. In winter there is always a fire in the fireplace: the heart of the house. It's relaxing to watch the flames with a glass of wine.

The ambiance is lively and you will be able to chat to a wide circle of people, as there are nearly always friends and guests or our children at home; dinners are highly enjoyable events.